Membership pricing is aimed at boosting participation numbers at events and building a community of riders who want to keep up to date on upcoming events, with the added benefit of meeting new people who share in a similar interest in riding.

Membership Pricing
Family $75
Single $50 18+

Membership period is from
1st January 2019 - 31st December 2019

Motorcycling Australia Affiliation

By joining QRWA, you are MA club affiliated meaning you can choose to ride / race at MWA events (that invite Quads).


So what events are coming up?

In the coming year QRWA are already planning to host, 2 Club Days and 1 Open Event along with additional coaching days and of course the “2018 Australian ATV Nationals”.


What are the rules?

Quad Riders Western Australia is a Motorcycling Australia Affiliated club, meaning we abide the Manual of Motorcycling.
Click here to view a more detailed explanation of the rules applicable to QRWA.

Do I need a Motorcycling Australia License to ride at QRWA events?

Yes, a MA license is necessary to ride at any QRWA event.
A recreational or competition license will be sufficient. 

If I'm a 2 Wheel Rider only, can I join QRWA?

Yes, you may join QRWA.

My child is _ years old, can they ride a ___cc Quad?

Please refer to the Manual of Motorcycling for specification, by clicking here.